When you come to the wine country, romance lingers everywhere.  These restaurants enhance that feeling just a little bit more by providing you delicious grub and fantastic service.  Depending on your desired setting, read through these 10 to find the perfect spot to spend your evening.

  1. Diavola Pizzeria and Salumeria. A local legend, this place has turned Geyserville into the new hotspot. The delicious thin crust fire-roasted pizzas are a sure hit, but be sure not to miss the spaghettini or one of the special dishes that is some deliciously braised meat. Take your loved one on the back patio for a portal to Florence, Italy complete with laundry hanging on the line.
  2. Scopa/Campo Fina. These two restaurants in Healdsburg, owned by the same proprietor and chef, have really made a name for themselves. You’ll find some of the same staples on each menu but each with their own style. If you want that intimate dinning experience with authentic Italian food go to Scopa. If you feel a little adventurous and want to sip on a cocktail on the back patio, Campo Fina is your place.
  3. Chalkboard. A great addition to Les Mars Hotel in Healdsburg since Cyrus left. This place offers the newest version of classy American tapas style dishes. Rich in palette and colors, this food will leave you satisfied in all departments. If you already have dinner plans, head there for happy hour from 3-6 M-F.chlakboard.carrots
  4. Underwood. A hidden gem out in Graton, a town often overlooked. This town might be small but it is overwhelmed with great places like this one. A full bar and an exquisite menu will tickle your tongue. From small dishes to hefty single platters, you won’t be disappointed. The dimly lit establishment will add to the romance and intimacy.
  5. Madrona Manor. An adorable fantasy cottage lodging during the day and an amazing Michelin star restaurant at night. This restaurant is not for the light hearted. If you enjoy white tablecloth fine dining with a casual “wine country” atmoshpere, this spot is as romantic as it gets. The meal tends to be a little bit pricier but for good reason. I recommend sitting on the patio overlooking the lush gardens. You can choose different course options but go full throttle and do the 10-course, you will be happy you did! The service is on point and you’ll never find yourself sitting with an empty glass or empty plate.
  6. Backyard. A place I’d like to call my own backyard. The kitchen collects locally sourced produce and farmed meats to create their creative and colorful cuisine. Sit down in a comfortable atmosphere inside or out. Make sure to pass by the open kitchen and say hi! Everyone is extremely friendly and just wants to feed everyone deliciously healthy food. If you venture to Forestville I highly recommend this place, especially on the font patio with brick floors and lined with lights.
  7. Pats. The Guerneville legend. This place has been here forever and acts as a local dive bar and Dick Blomster’s Korean by night and a casual diner by day. If you like to take a break from the fancy and keep money in your wallet but enjoy great hearty food, go to Pats, especially for that hung-over morning after brunch!
  8. Bucks. A new owner took over and turned the cuisine into a godsend. Once overlooked, this place exudes with fine dining but still requires the casual Guerneville atmosphere. Buck’s takes the old classics and gives them a new American twist like bacon wrapped chocolate and biscuit sliders. There’s nothing like romance than licking your fingers and wiping BBQ sauce off your companion’s face.
  9. Spinster Sisters.   Santa Rosa’s hip place to go. This place opens early for breakfast and continues to serve for a spectacular dinner. Try anything pickled, especially the hard-boiled eggs. I find this place a heart-throb because of its tiny intimacy and by its modestly well-prepared dishes.
  10. Zazu. The tag line should be “never disappoints.” The menu is perfect for spicing up the romance because with bacon caramel popcorn and crispy pig ears there is always an adventurous treat. Straight from the butchers and cheesemaker you can enjoy a delicious smorgasbord and feed each other by hand.

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