I don’t know if you’ve been on Pinterest lately, but that is a place you can find all of these great DIY projects. We have all seen the corkboard but there are a ton of other repurpose ideas. Most cork projects are pretty easy and turn out to be both useful and cute. Smart and beautiful – the dynamic combination!



  1. Placeholders. The first DIY cork project I ventured to try were the cork name placeholders.  For my birthday dinner I made name cards and stuck them into a cork for a crafty (and free) wine country look.cork trivet
  2. Trivet. I received my first DIY cork gift – a trivet for kettles or hot pans so it won’t leave a burn mark on the table.  For this look you just have to cut the cork into 5mm pieces.  The photo has them stitched in circle patterns, which will hold up really well, but if that’s too much work just hot glue them together! Bonus: Hey, and make some coasters to go along with the trivet.
  3. The cork stamp. If you’re into stamping, this is a fun project for personalization and to say “this is MY stamp!” Heck, everyone could use a first-name initial stamp for personalized letter head, signing off on letters or just marking everything that is yours.  A for Anne.
  4.  Rings. One of the many things my grandmother collected and insisted on using for every dinner, although I had always thought they were just pretty little dust-holders for fancy people who have money to spend, was napkin rings.  Now, with an inexpensive way of making them that fits my eclectic aura, I have something pretty to brighten up the dinner table. Just take some wire and loop it through a cork. Leave it plain, twine different pieces of wire and string, add beads or charms, or, one that I really like, glue a piece of pretty ribbon to the wire.

Need a cheap stamp rubber to carve? Moo Carve is easy to use and low cost.

cork jewlery holder

  1. Jewelry Display. This one! All you need: corks, a frame, and glue. Enough said
  2. A curtain. This is so creative, probably tedious, but would look pretty impressive in a doorway to the wine cellar.
  3. Party Favors.  How many people need or even want a keychain anymore. Hello 21st century creativity! An inexpensive party favor with all of your left over corks is the mini succulent cork planters.  You can make them magnets, hand them on the wall, or let them stand on their own. Hollow the cork, add dirt, plant the succulent clipping.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.57.21 PM

Find out how to cut your corks with ease. Man, those things are tough!

Cutting tip: Use a binder clip to hold the cork whilst you cut!

binder clip

  1. A wine stopper. This just seems silly; it’s already a cork! But you can jazz it up with any fixture.  The best thing I’ve found to use are small old drawer handles. You can repurpose them and paint them up, then use a heavy-duty glue to attach.
  2. What about a cork bar top? When you are on a budget, you can’t afford the Don Draper Scotch let alone the snazzy scotch bar.  Most people use a bedside table or old dresser (I bought a hutch off craigslist and made it into my home bar). I don’t think there is anything wrong or tacky about using what you have, so why not make it stand out? No, that isn’t just a dresser with a bunch of booze on it, it’s my bar – see the cork top? Blue corks two at a time in a crisscross fashion like so:
  3. A candleholder. This one has to be my favorite. Place a candle in a tall skinny candleholder and then place that inside a large glass vase. Arrange corks around the inner candle and viola!

cork candle

Bonus tip: For all you ladies, when your earing falls out and, thank god, you find the earing part but can’t find those tiny little backings, stop into a restaurant and ask for a cork! You can cut off a tiny piece and use that as a backing!

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