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At The Wurst

Savor Healdsburg Food and Wine Tours invited Wine Road on a tour and we gladly accepted the invitation.  As a local, touring around Healdsburg doesn’t seem to be very necessary but I sure found out the contrary.  This tour is far beyond necessary for any and all tourists, but for locals too! I’ve lived in Healdsburg all my life and am of a family that has lived here for four generations and I learned valuable information about my town and local businesses that I would have never found out on my own (because I would have never known to ask!).


Tammy Gass is the mastermind behind the project Savor Healdsburg, and she is more than qualified and experienced in walking food tours as she tries to attend food tours in every city she travels to.  She stated that she was surprised to find that food tours were not popular here or had even taken place in Healdsburg, the central place for gourmet food and great wines.  Tammy has created great relationships with businesses all over Healdsburg to give a tourist a small glimpse into Healdsburg’s hidden gems. I’ve heard so many tourists walk in to a place and comment on how happy they were to have stumbled upon the business/restaurant.  And that is how our tiny businesses stand around here, our best-hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

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At Mateo’s

Savor has two different tours:


Bear Republic


Cartograph Tasting Room


Costeaux Bakery


photo 3

Cousteaux’s, Stark Wines, The Shed

photo 5photo 4


The Wurst

Mateo’s Cocina


Stark Tasting Room

Costeaux  Bakery




I attended the latter tour and enjoyed every step around the town square we took.  We even had a small rendezvous in the plaza to learn a bit about the town of Healdsburg’s history. I also learned that Mateo’s is Yucatan and strives to use as many local products as possible and that The Shed has its own grain mill that they use!


Highly knowledgeable and fun to hang out with, Tammy does a wonderful job at keeping her tourists engaged and occupied.  After the 3 hour tour many of the guests decided to make a reservation for dinner at Bravas and stopped into Costeaux’s for breakfast.  Check it out and start walking with Savor – eat, drink, and learn:


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