The Holiday’s are here! And if you’re like me you will be empty handed in the gift department.  But fear not, Procrastinators! This is the ultimate gift guide for that wine lover in your life and for the procrastinator that you are…

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1. Cork Trivets/Coasters, I love these DIY Cork Projects

What you need:

– corks

– box cutter

– hot glue gun

– 30 minutes of your time

Slice the Corks about 5 cm thick and glue side by side.


2. Custom Art Wine Glasses

What you need:

– Wine glasses (new or grab some from the cabinet)

– Assorted Color Paint Pens or Sharpies

– 20 minutes of your time

Use different artistic styles: spirals, confetti, stripes, etc.

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3. Glass Rack – if you’re feeling really crafty (by Down Home Inspiration)

What you need:

– 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 board

– A drill with a 5/8″ and 1 1/2″ drill bit

– a jig saw

– an hour of your time

Draw out where you will drill, drill bottle neck hole, drill glass holes, saw into the glass holes and walla!


4. Wine Club Membership

Don’t feel like crafting anything? A Wine Club Membership is always a loving gift without getting your hands dirty or even worrying about shipping. Just call up your favorite winery and sign up your wine-lover!



5. Winter WINEland 2015

Always a wonderful event with 140 wineries participating and offering some sort of deal ( a lot of 20% discounts on wine, event 50%!).  Easy to buy, just purchase online and print out your email confirmation as the ticket for your wine-lover gift.


Bonus: Not really a gift but a great decoration item. You can probably figure it out by the picture:)

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