We want you to enjoy your tasting experience. So here are 5 tips on what traits to avoid in a tasting room so as to enhance that experience for everyone.

  1. The Fountain

We encourage you to use the spit buckets – it’s actually more of a compliment than an insult.  We want you to appreciate the taste of the wines and drive safely. But please, it isn’t a corn hole game where you are trying to make it in the bucket! We’d rather have you look at the beautiful fountains along the Wine Road than be one.


2. The Glass Raiser 

Raise your glass to cheers with friends, but when being served wine, for best results, keep your glass flat on the counter.  Raising glasses while being poured a taste seems to be a common habit, but this causes the pourer to keep raising the bottle! You can only go so high!

  1. The Off-scenter

We all like a nice scent, but when wine is involved perfumes and colognes can interfere with the experience.  You should have full attention to the smell and taste of the wine and when scents are present they tend to overpower the delicacy of the wine bouquet.  Skip the scents on your wine tasting trip and spray up for a nice dinner outing.

spoonbar cocktails

  1. The Mixologist

Bartending and mixing cocktails is all the rave right now…with liquor, not wine.  Winemakers have created a certain taste and structure for each wine you try.  It’s truly an art form and the artist has created a masterpiece that is showcasing their talents. If you don’t like it, please use the dump buckets -save the mixing for your home blend.

  1. The Crowder

Three’s a crowd, they say, but not when wine tasting.  Come alone or with a few friends, but be aware of the space at the bar.  When the tasting room is busy and full, it is courteous to make room for another taster. Or, step away when you’ve been poured your taste and then step back up for the next.  It’s just like the flow of traffic and we want it to run smoothly for everyone!



Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. Very Well Said. Kudos


    1. Thank you:)


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