nd shuttle, Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam quiet and high speed flying. The scenery of the above ground city is different from that of the black rain when it was just descending, but it is not so much changed. It is only dark and shiny like the asphalt. Buried for a long time, gray dendrites. There is a layer of thin, grayish gray, like the presence of smoke on all the black things on the surface. This is called bite can fog stuff than the original black rain is more domineering, plunder all Cisco Certification contact with the ability, which is why he does not want to feet dip reason. Miao Park is constantly concerned about the movement of the group of human beings, when he arrived in the mobile reconnaissance gr.oup refers to the area, from time to time concerned about the wave of people Cisco Business Value Specialist s movements, has basically defined its destination, they are running a mysterious channel to go, and the actual situation It is also true. By the expansion of calculus comprehensive comparison of the identity given is also correct, this group of people is really Yuan Ling subordinates. Chapter 722 The Traps of Miao Pu Yuan Ling on the subordinates, this thing also from a few hours ago. When t

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