ke their own eyes to see. As for personal use, Hu Yaowu is not enough, his team has MCP, Microsoft Specialist too many seriously wounded, can not leave. Liu Xiang does fit, his team only two black can be eroded, a slight, a slightly serious, Miao Pu ready to put them recently sent out directly to the electrical portion of the stream originally belonged Mysterious File mountain bases. This decision is not to help them to help Kang Danian and others to produce shooting pu.ppet, but intends to let them go to the Department of sand crystal recovery Obelisk energy of the Department of energy collection of soil lines. Is the so called tight enough to earn enough to spend, although the Department of soil energy savings there are many, but the account is not so counted. Can not just calculate the stock, but to be revenue and expenditure. Is not it, do not know, be considered a shock, simply, if not for the blue blood of the campaign has repeatedly won, and the basic gains each Microsoft Certification time a lot of money, he has long been bankrupt. Especially now, the three base operation started, all the time in the consumption. The most cutting edge here is now so a ghost situation. If you do not intend to do so, and so much MCP, Microsoft Specialist it exam left to raise it is likely to be too late, and urgent panic under the difficult things to run. Therefore, the main purpose of Bo school and hawks is energy harvesting. With the addition of these two teams, the manpower can turn around. Othe

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist
70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist
74-697 OEM Preinstallation Microsoft MCP, Microsoft Specialist