Not Until AFTER Barrel Tasting!


This year we are celebrating the 36th annual Barrel Tasting, an event that stirs up different types of excitement in people.  The restaurants expect a full house, the wineries showcase their future wines, locals enjoy the weekend at home, and event participants prepare for their weekend of tasting their favorite wines!




While we are busy wrapping up Winter WINEland we are simultaneously preparing for Barrel Tasting.  It’s a little stressful but we enjoy the thrill of watching all of it come together in this last week.  We expect a fantastic turnout – and that makes us happyJ




It’s a common saying around here during this time: “That can wait until AFTER Barrel Tasting!”


You know all those little projects you need to complete but have to put off for a larger priority?

Yup. That’s what it’s like here.


Cleaning: Why? After all the pallets of STUFF gets here the place will get messier until we clear it out on our supply pick up date – Wednesday the 26th!


Organizing: There’s no room.  We can barely walk from one end to the other of the warehouse.  You have to be able to squeeze down a narrow pathway to pour a cup of coffee!


Vacation: Don’t even think about taking a day off until AFTER Barrel Tasting! Seriously – stop thinking about it! Don’t even get sick!


Taxes: That’s coming up too, isn’t it? Haven’t thought about it. #AFTERBarrelTasting


I can’t wait to start thinking about that vacation…



Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. Your efforts are probably under-appreciated by all. Thank you for providing a great experience for my family. Attending Barrel Tasting has become a family reunion type of activity for us.


    1. Thank you! We always love to hear our work is being appreciated. We hope to see you again this year for Barrel Tasting!


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