This is not the French Quarter

This is not the French Quarter

For something to succeed for 36 years, it has to have the magic ingredients of running smooth, excellent experiences, divine wine, and 16,000 guests and wineries in harmony.  It all starts with Beth Costa, the executive director of the Wine Road who

has grown this worldwide event from her humble desk in the warehouse on Moore Lane.  Beth was recently voted Tourism Champion of the Year for her outstanding work in making a major economic impact to Sonoma County.  Now I’m talking about Beth  (who likes to remain behind-the-scenes) because I think she doesn’t read my blogs.  So I can brag about her amazingness. If that is a word.

( I would insert Beth’s photo here, but like I said, she likes to stay behind-the-desk-phone-ten billion emails)


You may think an event that has nearly 20,000  people flying in from around the world may be a high tech endeavor.  Other than the cool online registration system, it’s good old fashioned faxing, phoning, and loading up the warehouse.  That’s our part here at Wine Road World Headquarters (WRWH).

  1. Wineries fax us a form that says they will be part of Barrel Tasting
  2. We order 20,000 glasses and wristbands
  3. We order posters and bottle stoppers and print thousands of programs
  4. We light up the online registration
  5. You call us by the thousands with questions (we don’t mind)

Two days before launch, 150 wineries pick up their stuff ( that’s part two and it’s really cool). Stay tuned…………


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