Tom CruiseI had two VIJ’s ( Very Important Jobs) during the 36th annual Barrel Tasting weekend.  I reflected that there have been thousands of jobs over the course of the 36 years and I have been a consumer at over a dozen of these fiestas. I was there to serve and kinda eager to find out how I would be a valuable team member for my first insiders look.  When I got my orders I did an inner backflip and tried to maintain a cool  Mission Impossible -Tom Cruise -Like –face as I received VIJ #1.


My car was loaded with water bottles, wristband tickets, maps, and wine glasses. I became the
Mo-bile Wine Road.   I trekked around the Road until World Headquarters called with an assignment : “Get to Claypool Cellars! They only have one glass left!”  During a stop at Carol Shelton Wines (oh yea..) one of the guests overheard me saying I worked at the Wine Road.  “You work for the Wine Road?!! You are one lucky wench.”   “You betcha,”  I smiled.

water bottles

VIJ#2 came as more of a surprise.  A rampant rumor had been floating about that we were giving a 50% discount to college students.  To be clear, we love college students, but we are not seeking an entire campus to board buses and infiltrate the event in spike heels.    Perhaps we could gather stories and photos of the guests who wear comfortable shoes, like to join wine clubs, have distinguished hair color, know who Bob Dylan is, and traveled long distances with their frequent flyer miles?

bob dylanThat was easy.  Five minutes after I received my mission 3 of the above-described walked right into headquarters even wearing t-Woodstock t-shirts that were a dead giveaway.


My first mission stop at  Claypool Cellars I met another set of them bellied up to the tasting bar with the bachelorette party of 5.  It was a nice mix.  They enjoyed chatting with one another.  I took photos.


Moral of the Post Script:  Love of good wine is ageless and wine will always love you back.

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