One of the most spectacular views, located on top of a hilly estate of Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, is Iron Horse.  Known for their sparkling wines, Iron Horse boasts some creative cuvees and classic Bruts.  Depending on the blend and Dose, each wine is crafted with a particular taste in mind, which all end up being delicious.









Did you know that it takes about 8 years to ferment all the yeast in a sparkling wine? And Iron Horse makes special reserves that ferment for 15 years! David, the winemaker, told me that he just bottled the 2013 vintage which will be ready for consumption in 2029!IMG_0376




During my sparkling wine education I was allowed to pop open a new release Classic Brut before corkage.  You see, when fermenting sparkling wine, the wine is already bottled but sealed with a bottle cap.  After the riddling process, which rotates and inclines the bottle to distribute the yeast, the bottles are turned upside down so the yeast settles at the opening.  Then the yeast freezes and with all the bubbly pressure, when I peeled the bottle cap off, the yeast pops right out!




The Rainbow Cuvee is a limited release and is predicted to sell out at the beginning of summer, but if you can, buy some soon! This sparkling wine stands out from the rest with its dry and crisp effervescence.  The label is a beautiful shimmery rainbow that compliments its magical taste!





Here you can see the 2014 buds just blooming – ready for a new vintage and a new flute!



Did you read about my Bodega Bay Day? Say that 3 times fast….

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