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3 Wine Glasses to Impress All this Holiday: Riedel

During our recent Riedel Glass tasting Seminar our members gathered at the Hyatt in Santa Rosa and met George Riedel. George gave us an enthusiastic presentation and shocked us all with the tasting differences between these 3 Riedel glasses, the...

/ December 29, 2014

Wine Glasses Not Made Equal: Riedel Tasting

Wine Road just wrapped up the Riedel Tasting Seminar last week and it was magical. It was as if George Riedel himself were a magician because each wine tasted different in every differently shaped glass. And, sometimes, we even preferred...

/ December 19, 2014

Wine & Food Affair 2014 Calendar Release

It’s different. It’s new. It’s time to schedule in wine on your new calendar. This year, Wine Road is releasing the first ever Wine & Food Affair Calendar for this year’s annual event. Usually, a cookbook is handed out to...

/ August 13, 2014

Wine Road Press Tour: The Lesson of Overindulgence

In my younger years I had the crazy idea to run a marathon.  This is a torturous activity of 4+ hours (depending on your skill/endurance level) that releases endorphins that tickle your every sensation and gives you such a sense...

/ July 7, 2014
Korbel Monterey Wine Festival

Monterey Teachings

Wine Road went to Monterey for the Wine Festival and blew everyone away! Being asked to represent Wine Road in Monterey was a huge honor and opportunity for me to show my work ethic outside the office (a huge honor...

/ June 30, 2014

#AFTERBarrelTasting Part II

We made it! Most of us here were experiencing our first Barrel Tasting ever and now can say that we’ve seen and heard it all!   Praises   Complaints   Spillers/Klutzes   Drunks Big Spenders   Partiers Zombies   Wristband...

/ March 10, 2014

Barrel Tasting Behind the Scenes: Part 1

For something to succeed for 36 years, it has to have the magic ingredients of running smooth, excellent experiences, divine wine, and 16,000 guests and wineries in harmony.  It all starts with Beth Costa, the executive director of the Wine...

/ February 28, 2014
Barrel Tasting 2010 Wine Road


Not Until AFTER Barrel Tasting!   This year we are celebrating the 36th annual Barrel Tasting, an event that stirs up different types of excitement in people.  The restaurants expect a full house, the wineries showcase their future wines, locals...

/ February 24, 2014

Savor Healdsburg Tour

Savor Healdsburg Food and Wine Tours invited Wine Road on a tour and we gladly accepted the invitation.  As a local, touring around Healdsburg doesn’t seem to be very necessary but I sure found out the contrary.  This tour is...

/ February 10, 2014

Wine & Wishes Recap

On the first of February, Make- A-Wish Greater Bay area hosted a benefit called Wine & Wishes where several Wine Road members joined the cause and poured wines for attendees.  Wine Road donated tickets to attend all 3 annual events...

/ February 5, 2014