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Leaving wine country no matter where I go tugs at my heart. The mathematical equation of redwoods, rivers, and rhone blends create a rhythm that can be just under the conscious mind until you land in LA which is like a 24/7 rock band cranked to volume 8.
It usually takes me a day or two to adjust from being a country mouse to a city mouse.  Touchstone reminders can be found in the aisles of the L.A. Safeway where  Kendall Jackson Wine  perches on the shelf or at a quick stop at  7-11 where Korbel  is front and center in the cold case.  The other day it was in Anne’s liquor cabinet in Ventura where my friend Clos du Bois was patiently waiting.



Seeing Kendall Jackson the first time



Having lived here for fifteen years I have the perspective of being both strangers and friends with these labels.  Starstruck  was driving up the 101 and seeing the Kendall Jackson sign inviting me to pull off at Fulton Road and come taste.   Farther west heading out River Road and  the realtor stopped the car when  the Korbel Champagne sign came into view.   That can’t be the real one?! How can the most famous champagne in the world be made in Guerneville where I was about to live?


Turns out it is true and just 7 minutes from my house I can pop over ( no pun intended) and buy my bubbles and brandy and sit under the redwoods eating lunch at their famous deli.  This is always the first stop for anyone visiting me.  I pick them up  at the airport, take them straight to Korbel and the first impression is set for life.


Namedropping is not really my thing, but you have to agree that seeing where your food comes from is cool.  Wine is a food group ( grapes) and it is important to know that when you have a glass of Zin made by Ted Seghesio he picked those grapes in his backyard, whirled ‘em up and bottled them himself.

ted seghesio

Ted Seghesio, Winemaker

There is a story in the wine and the growers and the experience we have over a great bottle with our friends ( and sometimes alone watching The Voice).


You are invited

You are invited


Please come and visit us so we can introduce you the people behind your favorite labels.  They really enjoy telling their story and meeting you too.  We have a mutual admiration society happening here and everyone’s invited.

See you soon,


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