There’s never a dull day here at the Wine Road. Sometimes that means dealing with mishaps and disasters, but every once and a while we will be surprised in a way that brings smiles to all of our faces. Today we were visited by Craig Colagrossi of Colagrossi Wines. Craig burst into our office, 4 bottles and 5 wine glasses in his hands, and says, “Ladies, we are having a tasting!”


The first to host an in-office tasting with Wine Road, a pioneer rather, Craig gave us a special treat. We got to take a quick break and relax with wine, but more importantly, and beneficial for Colagrossi Wines, we were able to tick off one more winery from our long list of must-tries. None of us had tried Craig’s wines and we were all in awe, especially with the Gli Amici Cabernet Franc. My taste buds said “Wow!” and now they are saying “Anne, go buy me some more!”


I’ve learned not to ignore my taste buds when they yell at me like that so I ventured to Bell Road in Windsor to visit Colagrossi and buy more wine.


In addition to his new Wine Road customers, he also has some great advocators in the concierge and recommendation business. It’s hard to recommend wineries if we have never been there or tasted their wines, but now, with Colograssi’s awfully amazing Pinot Noir fresh in my mind, I will be sending thirsty customers his way.


In addition to the amazing wines I discovered another road that is a must-visit: Bell Road. Find out why.

Posted by Anne Loupy

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