I’m not one.  I have friends who are.  They swirl and sniff like they are

lost in the woods. They swish like mouthwash lovers making sure the

vino coats each inch of their mouths only to sip once again for the

perfect taste.  My friend, ( who shall not be named) is the cutest cork

dork. She’s very knowledgable about wine and I used to feel a bit

intimidated when she opened a bottle of her favorite zinfandel.  Then

I figured out that I like to enjoy wine, and she likes to analyze it

before enjoying it. Like sports…. some people like the spectacle of the

game and some like the technicality and nuances of each play.

It’s a personal choice and personal fun.  No rights and wrongs. Just

the enjoyment of the beverage and the story created as you spend time

time with your friends and learn as you go.  See you out on the

Wine Road. I may bring my dear cork dork with me so she’ll be the one

in the sunglasses.

Posted by Anne Loupy

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