For decades, North of the Golden Gate Bridge was unexplored territory.  The fertile lands of agriculture that spread across the valleys and its beauty was shared among those who lived there and kept secret from those beyond. Although Sonoma County has become increasingly popular, its natives have still kept ancient historical secrets.

autumn beauties

We need you, our avid wine tasters and Sonoma County visitors to crack the code and unlock these ancient secrets! Each member winery and lodging has hidden our daVintner’s Code icon somewhere on the premises, a secret spot that may be an overlooked gem.  These secret areas have been passed on from generation to generation and now the members of Wine Road are passing them on to those of us who take the time to play detective and crack the daVintner’s Code.

Find it.

Shoot it.

Share it.



When you find it, share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with the hashtag #WRdaVintners for all the glory of unlocking some of Sonoma County ‘s best kept secrets (and maybe a prize or two for most shared).


They could be up high, down low, in the same room or somewhere out in the vast open! Put the clues together to crack the daVintner’s Code!

vineyard photo by Benjamin Stein

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Posted by Anne Loupy


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    1. Thanks for all of your support, Wine Harlots, we really appreciate it!


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