Locals of Wine Country know how to beat the heat. With wine in one hand you can tour the many wine caves about Sonoma County to keep cool during the summer. August can come with a tormenting heat wave, which doesn’t pair well with that Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Even a Rosé will thank you in the cool of the cave where it won’t turn that delicious pink into an overheated stink. Some are underground and others are tucked into the valley hills. Wherever you decide to peruse, choose one of these wineries to cool down in a cave while served wine:


  1. Fritz Underground

Besides having a delicious Zinfandel, imagine sipping in directly underground (like the name suggests)! You will feel cozy in this wine cave sipping on your Zin for warmth.Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.41.22 PM

  1. Simoncini Vineyards

A Dry Creek gem, known to the locals and not known for their caves – so make sure to ask for a tour! A well-kept secret (not for long) that stores some well-kept wines is just one of the many reasons to take a stroll to Simoncini.  

  1. Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves

Known far and wide, this is a popular winery along the Wine Road and for good reason. Beside the beautiful scenery, the wonderful caves, and the favored wine, this winery boasts personality that you have to meet.

  1. Alexander Valley Vineyards

Tucked away on Highway 128 in Alexander Valley, this winery has vast property stretching for acres and acres. Not just land full of vineyards but a spectacular wine cave exists behind the tasting room that you just can’t miss.thomas george cave

  1. Thomas George Estates

A well-established name among the wine community, Thomas George provides varietals that will tickle your tongue. And with a massive wine cave to keep you cool, the question is “Why not?” The tasting room is beautifully crafted with wood pillars and doors but I’d ask to taste in the cave.

  1. J.Rickards

Known for their Darn Fine Barn Wine, J.Rickards celebrates Jug July on July 25th where you can sample in their wine caves and munch on some pork tacos. But really, any day is a “Darn Fine Barn Wine” time to taste in a wine cave.

  1. Roth Estate

One of our newer members that we are proud to have, Roth has a lux wine cave. This isn’t one you can just take a peek at – you’ve gotta take the The Foley Food & Wine Society Cave tasting and tour. This is the ultimate experience.

  1. Nalle

Another well kept secret, one that doesn’t make a lot of noise but makes quiet a buzz among locals. Nalle is appointment only so you must call to set up a time to visit, otherwise you’ll show up to a locked door. Their tasting room is the cave with a living roof, it almost looks camouflaged into the valley scenery.

  1. Robert Young Estate Winery

This winery is a beautiful estate that welcomes dogs on their open patio. One of the very affordable tastings and tours, when scouring the property you will want to take the tour to get the full effect. You may just meet the owners about the estate.

     10.  Field Stone Winery

Praised for its friendly staff and rustic beauty, Field Stone boasts one of the best picnic spots (Sunset Magazine). Their wine cave is working, meaning they use it for their wine storage and making process and it isn’t just a beautiful site to see. Take a look around, educate yourself on the working wine cave, and enjoy the wines!


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