Winemaker Mark Blanchard

Mr. Blanchard…. but it’s Mark to you

Did you know that you can be part of the winemaking process for free?  You can dress up in your Saturday chore best, put on your third favorite pair tennis shoes, and join the winemaking labor pool?

Mark Blanchard of Blanchard Wines was filling me in on this “opportunity.”  ” Our wine club members, and friends and whoever happens to hear call me and say, ‘ Mark, can I come help out?’  I always say yes because there is always something we need help with like topping off, racking, or bottling.  For some reason they think this is fun.”   Just about that time his girlfriend walked in and clarified, “It’s the street cred.  If you’re into wine and at a party you can tell your friends you were working at the winery of the bottle you are drinking.”

Makes sense to me because I always liked to be at the source of things; where strawberries grow,  the wine lab, on a movie set.

The vibe in Blanchard was really cool and we learned that Mark will let you hold private parties there nestled between the barrels with a rock band or DJ.  This weekend he is doing a wine experience comparing old world and new world wines.   You can even write your name on the barrels.


Mine...well just the name... the wine belongs to Blanchard

Mine…well just the name… the wine belongs to Blanchard


Give him a call if you want to offer your services and get behind-the-scenes.  I’ll pass on that, but do send me your hard work and we’ll publish it here.

Happy Bottling,


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