We just received our Giving Tree! Only 2 weeks left!

There are 30 hearts hanging on our tree with people in need of basic necessities. Some want a coat or a bathrobe and others would love a gift card to Trader Joes for groceries.

The ages run from children of age 6 to seniors of 87. I just picked mine for an 86 year old woman who still loves to do Karate! There are young ones that want sweatshirts or a movie theater ticket and elders who’d like slippers or a gift card.

It takes 3 steps to bring a smile to someone in need:

1. Come by our Wine Road office to pick up your heart, 498 Moore Lane in Healdsburg

2. Purchase a nice gift and wrap it up.

3. Drop it off at the Wine Road office and you will receive a nice gift from us!


Wine Road Giving Tree

Posted by Anne Loupy

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