Tasting rooms along the Wine Road vary and wine lovers can taste in extraordinary gardens, on lavish couches, or in modest barns.  At Lynmar Estate, it feels as if you are vacationing on the back porch of a private Chateau.  Overlooking the vineyards and amazing vegetable gardens, Lynmar has an open deck where tasters can lounge on a bench and enjoy their Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.




After reaching full relaxation and craving a walk, you can find multiple paths that snake around the amazing veggies growing out front.  Beautiful Frisee lettuce and Kale.



Cherry Blossoms in bloom



One path leads to a small tree grove with a wood fire oven and picnic tables available for private parties. Continuing on this path I stumbled upon a beautiful barn where I found the products of Lynmar Estate were being stored.

Dried lavender and garlic

 dried lavender and garlic lynmar

Home-made Balsamic aging in small barrels


  Grains from the garden


Out back I found this funky rooster which I named Charles.



The grounds are certified Bee-friendly and are lush with magnificent butterflies.  After my long walk, I plopped down on a patio table to finish a glass of Pinot and soak in the stunning view of rolling vineyards that filled the Lynmar Estate horizon.

Next stop: Red car. Read more next week…

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