quivira pig

I was at Quivira Vineyards today at the end of West Dry Creek Road.  Talk about curb appeal.  Tom Scott , the director of hospitality, had a new strategy to make cars put on their brakes and stop at his gorgeous winery.   Not for the happy pigs which you will meet ( I couldn’t resist this photo)


quivira chalkboard

It was the tall unruly flowers obstructing the view that weren’t doing the trick.  So he put an ad for a FARMER on the world wide web and Jim saw the ad and called Tom from his home in Boulder, Colorado.  After speaking with the bio-dynamic farmer with a desire to return to California, they made a deal.

quivira beds

And Jim and his pooch Chico moved not only back to California, but to a lovely home on the Quivira vineyards.


I just met Jim this morning and thought he was one of the luckiest people in the world.  He walks a few yards to work, and creates and tends the veggies and flowers that make people pull over and sniff.  He’s about 7 feet tall not counting the Colorado cowboy hat. He is a bio-dynamic professor, farmer and in my humble opinion, an artist.

quivira pondStop and smell the roses (and the just released Rose)

quivira bottles

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