On a lovely Saturday afternoon I found myself meeting a friend for wine tasting at her choice: Lambert Bridge Winery out off West Dry Creek Road. The heat was almost unbearable which made walking into a cool tasting room so much more enjoyable in addition to the intended wine tasting. We walked up the driveway and first noticed the large stone mansion with large intimidating wooden doors that looked like they came from the medieval period. Inside, we found a large bar that stretched the length of the tasting room packed full of customers enjoying their wine. To the left we saw the barrel room through the large glass doors. The dim chandelier light gave the room a romantic Victorian feel and a private party inside was obviously enjoying themselves. The friendly staff welcomed us into their home and made us feel a part of the family.

At the end of the bar we found some room to position ourselves. We were offered 3 tasting menus and based on the lack of wine tasting my friend had experienced we decided to stick with the basics: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. I usually find myself preferring reds but I was surprised to have chosen the Sauvignon Blanc as my favorite. It was a well-balanced wine with cool crisp notes of citrus and pear and a bit of minerality on the forefront. Perfect for the hot temperature that was brewing outside the cool stone walls of the building. We felt relaxed without pressure toward buying anything but decided on the Sav Blanc anyway.

We were welcomed to hang out in the chilly quarters and enjoy the company of the Lambert Bridge pups lounging around the tasting room. When we finally had the courage to step outside we snagged our bottle of wine along with two provided glasses and headed for the front yard. It was spectacular! It looked like a small park for picnics and BBQ’s. A few parties sat and drank their wine as we cracked open our bottle.

After our second glass we found ourselves alone in the field of grass with a sea of umbrella canopies and empty benches. We had the whole area to ourselves. The gorgeous view and soothing sounds of the countryside were a relaxing treat. We made it even more of an intimate experience by taking the opportunity of being alone in such a profound spot and did a few cartwheels like it was our own backyard.