I stumbled upon a wonderful hidden treasure along the Dry Creek Valley Wine Road: Yoakim Bridge Winery. I have passed by the gates many times driving out to the lake or out toward some far out wineries but never took the time to stop and explore – until now, and I am grateful I did.


The dirt road will lead you past a beautiful house with a tiny tasting room next door. Inside you will find David and Virginia, the owners and only employees, pop out of the cellar and greet you with open arms. This small production winery is a true gem, with its rustic charm and casual ambiance, you will feel like you are lounging in David and Virginias living room conversing with them like old friends (although, their real living room I would love to see and am sure is much larger than the tasting room). Tasting through their list is quiet an adventure – since they are so small and don’t need to bottle or sell through their wines as quickly as others, their youngest wine was a 2009 Merlot! If you aren’t an avid wine taster you may not notice, but normally wineries are pouring 2010-2014 vintages and anything older is a library wine.


Welcome to the Yoakim Bridge Library! And, in addition to the older and more mature wines, Virginia spritely serves up her secret recipe slow-cooked meatballs. What a delight to pair with the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon! You can even get her recipe to these delicious meatballs (click on the picture).


You really can’t have a bad time whilst spending the afternoon with these two. You also can’t deny their love for what they do, and not only for what they do, but for the experience they provide. It’s a two man and woman show. They farm, they harvest, they test, blend, rack, top-off, bottle, conduct tastings, and entertain their guests. If you need more proof, it is all right there on the back label: “We make wine because we love it and it gives us great joy to share it with you.” (first picture at the top)

Posted by Anne Loupy

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