Meet Debbie, our Office Manager and mother hen extraordinaire.   She makes sure we are all fed and keep hydrated while managing the important office details. You can find Debbie making smoothies before she takes on an extensive tasks. She overseas all member applications and memberships including their login and participation on our website.  Keeping everything up to date, there are a lot of places to check for mistakes, misprints, and outdated information.  She orders all the supplies for the office and all of our events and promotional campaigns.  She manages all of our ticket purchases for Ticket to the Wine Road and events while lifting her kettle weights and singing to Bob Marley.


Meet Meghan, our task controller and lifeguard on-duty.  She is constantly saving our lives from the tiny tasks that keep piling up but that we aren’t willing to prioritize over other more pressing duties.  She is our Research Guru, and Resource Wonder Woman.  Ask her to find an answer and she finds 17… ordered alphabetically… with reference notes… and a list of pros and cons for each. Outside of the office she cruises in her shiny new car listening to Bob Dylan, or plays with her little pup Remmy.  Read more about our newest addition to office in an earlier blog all about Meghan.


Meet Beth, the main squeeze, the head honcho, the Great Bambino – the sultan of swat! (Sandlot reference). Everyone knows her by name and everyone wants a bit of her time.  This inspirational lady does the amount of work equal to that of a small business – on her own. Heck, she was running Wine Road solo for many years!  It’s crazy to think that she did the work that it is taking four (4) of us to do now… Overseeing every event, every project, new events, fundraisers, and advertising, as well as facilitating winery pouring opportunities, handling all logistics, and researching new platforms and media implements – she’s even keeping current with social media and teaching me new things (as well as posting content on top of everything else she does) – and so on. I mean, its hard to say how many job titles should be listed under her name.  You can find her walking to work where she has her most inspired ideas.  And if you really know Beth, you’d know to gift her dark rum so she can make her very favorite drink: Hot Buttered Rum.


Then you can meet me, Anne. I control the Wine Road social media platforms.  When I’m not maintaining and fine-tuning the #1 Wine Destination brand, you can find me reading in the park or arm-knitting scarves. Time seems to fly by during a busy day here at Wine Road and I constantly find myself engaged in one project until looking up from my keyboard and finding out its 5:30! Debbie says I need an egg timer so I can be like a baked good in the oven – timer goes off, take the cookies out, move on to the next project.  Some of my friends give me flack that I am on Facebook all day, however, that is not the case.  The mysteries of Social Media is entirely behind-the-scenes and involves much more than just liking and retweeting; it requires planning and fan-base/customer research (and, lets face it, a lot of liking and retweeting). When I’m not surfing Facebook or tweeting up a storm I’ll be out around Sonoma County glutinously consuming the farm-to-table masterpieces at all the highly acclaimed restaurants.


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