Wine Road went to Monterey for the Wine Festival and blew everyone away! Being asked to represent Wine Road in Monterey was a huge honor and opportunity for me to show my work ethic outside the office (a huge honor even though I was the last candidate due to unexpected plans for Debbie and Beth).  In any case, I was happy to get out of Healdsburg and help promote Wine Road on the Road in beautiful Monterey.


My hubris was high and I stopped in San Francisco for dinner with friends. I embarked on my journey a little later than expected and was trying to stay awake with 30 minutes left on my drive when an unexpected POP! came from my back wheel…. great.  Not only was it the middle of the night, but I also pulled off on some desolate road all by myself.  After a quick panic session I thought, “What would Beth do (WWBD)?” Did you know that she changed a tire by herself on the side of a road with two kids in the car? So I got out of my car to search for the springy tool and just as I popped the trunk I saw a police officer drive by.  I waived him down and two officers went to work on my tire for me.


What a relief! Except for the future tires I had to buy.


The night was short and early morning I was up to transport all our gear and set up.  I won’t bore you with a list of supplies but we brought a lot of STUFF.  We market our members and that is what all the stuff is about.  I assembled 15 signs, passed out all the Wine Road gear and even set up our Wheel of Fortune for Wine Road giveaways.

Kelley and Young Wines Monterey Wine Festival

Kelley & Young Wines


A one-man show for Wine Road, set-up took me 2 hours. A one-man show winery brought in a case of wine and was uncorked/set up in 5 minutes.


The festival was packed of wine lovers and I was able to spiel to everyone what Wine Road was and represented.  Most people were thrilled to receive our swanky cards complete with a promo code.


The best part: Wine Road had 15 wineries out of the 20 there! (That’s 75%)

Plus…Hook & Ladder was there and didn’t even tell us!

The second best part: Chowder, everywhere.  I had clam chowder, lobster chowder, some with bacon, some with spice-mmmmmm. You can’t beat a free lunch.

Monterey Wine Festival Chowder

I thought I brought a ton of bricks when hauling it all to the festival, but we ran out quick. Within 3 hours each day!


I tried to keep everyone happy and listened to their suggestions, although I was often mistaken for a Monterey Festival employee rather than their own Wine Road representative despite my efforts to make clear who I really worked for.  I stayed positive and asked myself “What would Beth do (WWBD)?”


Put on a smile, find a solution, charge on!


Monterey was more than worth the trip because when I returned to the Wine Road World Headquarters we had over 100 new page followers! Wine Road at Monterey Wine Festival

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