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Cheers! Salut! Prost! Nazdravi! Skål! Gesondheid! Salud! Cin Cin! Prosit! Chok dee! Gan bay!

However you say it, raise your glass and celebrate great health, company, and wine in your glass!  I can’t think of another reason for drinkers to raise their glass other than to engage in this cultural practice. Well, you’d be surprised how eager some people are to receive the delicious wine beverage in their glass!  There are some people out there who can’t seem to get the wine poured in their glass fast enough, so, for reasons of their own, they tend to raise their glass higher and higher until the pourer can’t raise their arm and bottle any higher.


Hey, wine lover! Set your glass down and let the wine flow into your glass properly. The pourer knows the right height to hold the bottle and will actually finish pouring your wine faster than when raised!


So Cheers! To everyone out on the Wine Road sampling the fruits of Heaven Condensed.  Just remember, raise your glass only to clink your glasses and celebrate life and leave the glass on the counter when you need another pour:)

Posted by Anne Loupy

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