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white, rose, red, or all three?

The wine industry has seen this constant battle between groups of people who claim to prefer reds or prefer whites.  What is it about these groups? Is it some kind of personality trait? A certain wine gene we have?  A prejudice?

I used to be a red only type of wine drinker.  I still prefer a nice red, but have recently seen my blinders fade away and have embraced whites and roses.  I tend to rifle through my closet collection thinking, “where’s a nice white I can open? “

I’ve heard the stereotypes associated with each group: Whites like light and crisp or bold and buttery. Reds like rich and juicy or full-bodied and tannic. This may have something to do with personality or preferred diet, but I wonder why so many people choose to identify with one of the groups and never venture.  Is it in our nature? According to sociology studies it is.  We need to compartmentalize everything and put ourselves in groups for labeling purposes (just like wines).

This must mean that it’s in our nature to feel inclined to stick within our group – Grape pride! But what about equality? We should accept every grape no matter the variety or the type of barrels used, or whether the grape is crushed with skins or not.  We should accept them in our homes, in our wine glass, and in our tummys.

CHALLENGE: For all of you strictly white wine or red wine advocates, I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and buy the other color wine! Try it and open your eyes to an unprejudiced love for all types of wine!

Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. With my Japanese background, I naturally started with rice wine which is outside the box just by definition of the grape – red or white preferences. I was a zin lover, but am enjoying the sparkly whites from J.


    1. That’s how I feel too! I still love Zin but, especially because of the heat, I have been enjoying bubbles and whites.


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