Wine Road just wrapped up the Riedel Tasting Seminar last week and it was magical. It was as if George Riedel himself were a magician because each wine tasted different in every differently shaped glass. And, sometimes, we even preferred the wine in a plastic cup versus its wrong glass.

What I learned: If I want Syrah, I’d put it in a Syrah glass. But if I wanted Pinot Noir and only had a Syrah glass, I would drink it straight from the bottle.

We tasted from 3 shaped glasses: Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon


We tasted water and 3 wines with these glasses and found the results astonishing. With the water tasting we could feel where the liquid flowed in the mouth.

The first glass, designed for Pinot Noir, was bowl shaped and the water flowed on the tip of the tongue. The lip exposure of the glass makes the tongue lift and become the first point of contact with liquid.

The second glass, designed for Syrah, was egg shaped and flowed to the middle of the tongue.

And the third glass, designed for Cabernet, gave full exposure of the liquid in the mouth specifically on the back of the throat.

This exercise showed how the shape of the glass minipulates the flow of the liquid and ultimately how it will taste upon your palette.  We also had the chance to taste out of Riedel’s new Coca-Cola glass. I’ve never tasted Coke like this. Aromas of orange and a crisp taste with evervesence that lasts forever! I was amazed.


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