When you decide to travel in Wine Country it is always helpful to have a few tips, especially from local Innkeepers.  We’ve got a line up of Hotel Owners and Concierges here to give us some elite tips.  Find out how a concierge can change your whole trip…for the better!


Tip #1 “Always call your concierge ahead of time to get the inside scoop.  Allow us to also hold your hand.  For instance the best number of wineries to do in a day?  Do you need any appointments?  We can change the pace of your whole vacation in a short conversation, making it the best experience you’ll ever have in Wine County.”


Now that was some good INNside stuff – thanks, Tegan! You can find Tegan and the Hotel Healdsburg on 25 MATHESON ST HEALDSBURG CA



Sonoma County is lush with diverse restaurants that offer delicious menus and many wineries, small and big that offer different kinds of tastings. I would recommend to research which ones you’d like to visit and schedule reservations in advance to ensure the best and attentive customer service. – Brian Sommer, Hotel Les Mars


Dress in layers!  Sonoma County often has 40 degree diurnal temperature swings, so prepare for brisk mornings & nights and warm afternoons. –Mary Calla Rowan, Farmhouse Inn


Check with your hotel or the city’s tourism bureau for a concierge service. We offer it to all of our guests to help build a customized trip. – Bella Villa Messina


Enjoy walks on the ocean beaches, hikes through old-growth redwood forests, & visits to farmers markets and museums in the area! – Haydon Street Inn


Although some hotels offer discount rooms, look in to boutique hotels or Bed and Breakfasts for a personal experience including gourmet breakfasts and wine tastings in the evening! – Vintage Towers Inn



Stay tuned for more tips, here’s five more!


Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. It seems most all hotels and B&Bs now require 2 nights stay on weekends. This seems insulting for Bay Area residents who work late on Fridays and start their week early Monday’s. It flys in the face of the best customers within a driving distance that simply doesn’t require a 2 night stay. Tell the owners and managers there’s plenty of business these days and gouging isn’t good service even if they can get it from out of area, retirees and work free patrons.


    1. It is true that many require a 2 night stay but there are still many places that don’t do this. Here’s a tip: call the lodging and ask personally if you can book just one night – usually this does the trick!


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