This week, James Reddick from Russian River Vineyards & Cork Restaurant & Farm gives us the 411 on Cellars in the Springtime. Find out if it is all just throwing back glasses of wine or if it requires a bit more brawn.


“At Russian River Vineyards, April is all about tasting! Our team samples each of our Pinot Noir barrels to make sure they are on track, & inline with our winemaking style & philosophy. We’re looking for elegance, integration of oak, and the subtle nuances of each single vineyard wine. Come May, we’ll turn our attention to the vineyard for shoot positioning, cluster counting, mowing and tilling.”

Looks like you’ll stay busy up until Harvest 2015, James! Good luck with all that mowing and tilling. Now you know, the cellar is buzzing with hard labor- more than just lifting your glass!

You can ask James more about the biz at Russian River Vineyards located at 5700 CA-116, Forestville, CA 95436

Posted by Anne Loupy

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