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Line of Sauvignon Blanc botyles on table

Sauvignon Blanc: Varietal of the Month

Widely planted around the world, Sauvignon Blanc has an array of styles from lean and bright, to juicy and plush. Sauvignon Blanc typically offers great aromatics and flavors that range from zesty citrus, to tart apple, to creamy peach and...

/ February 24, 2020
Bottles of Barbera wine sitting next to pink flowers

Barbera: Varietal of the Month

Barbera, a variety native to Italy, can vary in flavor depending on where it’s grown; be it warm or cool climate, and how it is produced. Wines from cool climes tend to display brighter tart red fruits and warmer climes...

/ January 28, 2020

Tour Bell Road: Wine, Beer, Cider, & Vodka

Wine tasters take on all different forms these days. They are young and old, experts and amateurs, Pinot-lovers and Grenache-obsessed. Now, a lot of our wine tasters are showing interest in all types of booze and don’t limit themselves to...

/ October 17, 2014