Dating is, in itself, like having a part-time job: scheduling appointments, remembering names and “fun” facts about each person, trying to convince your date you are an interesting person, and picking spots to meet where you are least recognizable.  It’s time consuming!  I’m mid-twenties and have gotten bored of the same dating routine, especially tired of last-minute cancellations, until I met someone who’s just perfect.  She just gets me: laughs at my jokes, has an intelligent conversation, and is adventurous.  She’s me.  Yes, this seems very narcissistic but I’m serious.  I enjoy dating myself.  I am the most reliable person to myself, so when all else fails I can just do it myself. My latest endeavor with myself: I took myself on a date to dine at Farmhouse.

Farmhouse has a special local rate during the winter months for a three-course meal at the cost of $49.99.  Now, that’s a steal! I ordered the wine pairing as well (which is an additional cost) and was quite impressed.  I was given the back corner seat where I was able to see the whole restaurant, which I think was a strategical move on their part.  No one wants to be seated facing the wall or sitting in the middle of the dining area by themselves – the centerline of vision by every couple dining.



The staff was very attentive and on queue bringing my dishes and wine out promptly so I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs by myself.  They may have even felt a little bad for the young woman lacking a courter and sent out an extra dish and wine pairing.  It was very thoughtful; myself and I were full of gratitude upon receiving it and enjoyed the conversation starter on the topic of pity gifts.

The food was delectable and the staff was more than accommodating.  This restaurant truly fulfills all the Michelin star qualities.  I highly recommend dining here with a loved one, whether that be a date or yourself.

Afterwards, I drove myself home, opened my door for myself, walked myself to the door, and planned on another date soon.

me on a hillside

Me with myself


Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. Love this‼ Some of my best vacations and fine dining experiences have been with perfect company, just me


    1. It’s great to hear that others like the company of themselves too – see you on the Road!


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