I’ve come upon a tiring dilemma – to save or not to save… and drink!


When you have access to some of the best wines in the world and you often buy them after being out on the Wine Road, how do you decide which ones you keep and which ones you drink?


The mathematical solution: buy at a higher rate than consumption.


But that just equals maxed out credit cards…



So I’ve been asking people around me, “How do you decide when to save and when to drink a bottle of wine?”


“It’s not like I’m running a bank here, more like a shipping business: inventory in, inventory out.”


“Complexity, my dear Watson. If a wine is so complex that I can’t untangle it – but still find it pleasurable – with sufficient acid, I’ll let it age. “


“If its delicious and approachable, I always drink it now… this is usually every bottle, though.”


“If I enjoy it now, I’ll open it.  If I have multiples: one now, one in a couple of years, and one at its peak of maturity.”


wine rack up close wine road


  • A young tasting vintage that needs to mature or round out
  • A rare bottle that needs to be enjoyed by someone you’d like to impress
  • An expensive bottle that should only be enjoyed with those who can appreciate its value
  • A bottle that commemorates a special time or event in life
  • Your favorite vintage/varietal/winery – drink one now and taste the second or third with a longer shelf life



  • Any day, Anytime!
  • Less expensive, easy to drink wines
  • Whites and roses are usually “drink now” wines
  • A full bodied wine – verging on that “hot” taste
  • Approachable and delicious now

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