Wine tasters take on all different forms these days. They are young and old, experts and amateurs, Pinot-lovers and Grenache-obsessed. Now, a lot of our wine tasters are showing interest in all types of booze and don’t limit themselves to just wine. On Bell Road, these adventurous tasters will be in Libation Land. With 4 different types of alcoholic beverages, your tasting experience just upgraded to the next level. @stfloriansbrew @tiltedshed @colagrossiwines 

Colagrossi Wines, with their new tasting room, boasts some beautiful wines with a Desmond Vineyard Pinot Noir and, our Wine Road favorite, the Cabernet Franc (and the L’inizio the white blend). Here, it isn’t just about the wines, even though they are fabulous, it’s also about the stories associated with them.

L’inizio, a blend of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, and Roussanne, means beginning to symbolize the beginning of Colagrossi’s attempt to branch out and make their first white wine. For a first, I must say it tastes like years of practice have gone into the recipe. Delicioso! colagrossi wines at wine road

The Duetto, a Desmond Vineyard Pinot Noir, means double referring to the necessary collaboration of grower and winemaker to make such a delicious wine. Craig believes that great wine comes from great soil and farming which is why he chooses fruit from the renowned Desmond Vineyards.

Gli Amici, the Cabernet Franc, means ‘the friends’ which alludes to this wines easy drinking qualities – something to share with all the friends you have.

Next visit the Sonoma Brothers Distillery for hand crafted spirits. Their vodka is flying off the shelves at Bottle Barn and the twin brothers have big plans for whiskeys and brandy in the future.

The Tilted Shed is just down the way with their delicious Hard Ciders. “Elevating the apple to greatness” is their motto and their ciders speak for themselves: crisp, clean, invigorating.

And lastly, but not to be forgotten, St. Florian’s Brewery for brews and sours. So “let’s drink to the hero in all of us!”

Next time you have a Saturday free and wan to do a bit more than just wine tasting, consider the Bell Road experience where you can have some great wines at Colagrossi and also try beer, cider, and vodka. Mix it up, mix your alcohol, and make sure you have a Designated Driver.

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