We are Sonoma County!

But what does that mean? There are many things associated with the words “Sonoma” and “Wine Country.”

There is a town called Sonoma – this town is South East of Sonoma County.  It is well known for its wine and one of two towns that was built around its square, the other is Healdsburg (voted #2 small town by Smithsonian Magazine).

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There are two Sonoma appellations: Sonoma Coast and Sonoma Valley. These are grape growing regions, part of wine country, yes, but not necessarily Sonoma County. (And, not the appellations that Wine Road represents)

sonoma county

Sonoma County reaches from Petaluma to Cloverdale, which is about an hour drive North, and reaches from the coast of Bodega Bay to the mountain range before Calistoga.

Napa lies just east of Sonoma, but it isn’t that easy to get to Napa.  You will be traveling up and over mountains around corners and bends.  If you know where Healdsburg is, the center point of our three appellations (Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valley), it is about an hour to and hour and a half drive to Napa!

Wine Road Appelations Dry Creek Valley Russian River Valley Alexander Valley


The Wine Country is not small, it is not within walking distance, and it is not suggested to visit wineries in two different wine regions because of the time lost from driving.


When travelling to Wine Country, you will want to plan which region you want to spend per day, you will want to decide whether you want to stay only in one area or book multiple hotels.  Napa to Sonoma or Sonoma to Napa and back is not the best day trip – it is suggested to stay the night within the region.


Be aware of our geography! It is a deceivingly large and vast region, but that’s Wine Country!


Sonoma County Wine Country is different from Napa!

Different isn’t better or worse, it’s a chance to try new varietals and wine style.  Rustic and charming, Sonoma County has been creating a buzz with its award-winning wines and down-to-earth country living style.

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Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. Good job, Anne. We struggle with this all the time. Phone calls from guests in the town of Sonoma looking for us to check in for their reservation…People arriving with no vehicle thinking they are just going to walk from winery to winery… not being aware that Sonoma County is about the size of Rhode Island and very diverse in the experiences offered (and some of the best on our backroads). Even some confusion reigns between town of Napa and the offerings of Napa Valley…which we do try to clarify with guests.


    1. Thanks, Meilani. Yes, it seems like it is always a struggle to explain the difference. Hopefully people will become more familiar with the different regions and how vast everything is spread out.


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