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I’m not bitter

CBS here we come.  Yes, Wine Road fans, we are going big time on CBS.  Not a reality show, not a news magazine, not a game show (although that is a great idea).  A commercial !  Yes, that’s right we will have our 15 seconds of fame x 20 commercials on our terms.





Okay we didn’t commit a crime ( unless having the best wine in the world counts), or save someone from near death ( although we do support the designated driver program), or rescue an animal (well… we do keep a pet wine barrel in the office) HOWEVER, we will be on television in May and June promoting Wine Tourism Day and our year round ticket to the Wine Road.


We’ve gone Big Time



I’m not bitter that my face was not in the commercial.  (see me in selfie with pink sweater).  I was asked to caress a vine so my hands were actually cast and I signed a release. I humbly drove the actors, cut the baguettes and polished the grapes.

I was happy to be in the background supporting our  Social Media Hero Anne Loupy who has the skin of an olive and the looks of a Quivira Rose.  (those were wine country compliments)


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Anne: Social Media Hero and Starlet

Yeah… Anne’s a star


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