Welcome, Meghan!

Wine Road is proud to present their newest member of the family, Meghan Vanderford.  You will see Meghan helping to fine-tune the Wine Road machine. Writing, editing, and tackling projects, Meghan is making all of our lives a little bit easier with a lighter workload (not to mention she’s a pleasure to work with). She accepts all of our projects with vigor and talentedly finishes them with dedicated execution.  Learning the ropes is easy for Meghan since she interned for Wine Road during Winter WINEland.

Originally a Sacramento native, Meghan sought out Wine Road after interviewing a monk who had devoted his life to the art of winemaking and, after tasting his delicious wine, knew her calling was in the wine country. Because of her successful internship, Wine Road offered her a part-time position after she graduated from Chico State University in May and she leapt at the opportunity.

Meghan is in the office Monday through Thursday, but on the weekends you can find her at Rams Gate greeting all the wine tasters.   And when she isn’t working she likes to reminisce on her theater days while she was attending Chico State.  Her love for theater and music lead to her part time job at two concert venues in Chico and often attends a variety of concerts.  Scrolling her ipod, she frequently listens to her favorite artists Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon.

Jubelnde Konzertbesucher auf Rock-Konzert

No matter how far she travels, her favorite place in the world will always be Box Beach along the Mokelumne River near Jackson, Calif. Come rain or shine, its beauty is one thing but having it be where her father grew up, makes it even more special.

Now that she is living almost the life of an adult, she concentrates mainly on work, while occasionally stopping by the gym for a good Zumba class or a run.


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