What are AVA’s?


When you visit Wine Country, people start talking all about these AVAs.  The acronym is a normal wine country folk term but may confuse a wine newbie.



A: American

V: Viticulture

A: Area

Or you can use the term appellation or wine region.


Dry Creek Valley Zin grapes (Bud break shown at top of article)


There are over 200 AVAs today and 16 of them are in Sonoma County! And some of the big powerhouse AVAs such as Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valley are the appellations that we here at Wine Road support!

Chardonnay bud break iron horse

Russian River Valley Bud Break

AVAs are a limited grape growing region that determines a certain agricultural trait.  For example, Russian River Valley is known for its cool climates and fog layer so it is ideally the best place to grow Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. The climate, soil, geography, elevation, and sun exposure all define an AVA and determine the quality of different types of grapes.

Alexander Valley  bud break Jordan Winery

Alexander Valley Bud Break


When you visit Sonoma County you have 16 to choose from, but Heaven Condensed represents the three Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valley.  You can experience all three with a ticket to the Wine Road. $30 ticket for complimentary tastings at over 90 wineries including wine purchase discounts at some participating wineries.


Check it out: http://arestravel.com/3400_attraction-tickets_a699.html

Read more about appellations and what Sonoma vs. Sonoma County means: http://www.alongthewineroad.com/general/we-are-sonoma-county-wine-country/

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