Along the Wine Road Press Tour, we made our first stop at D’Argenzio.  This very small production father-daughter winery focuses on Italian varietals and has fun making them.  With over 20 different varietals and only a 2,000 case production annually, this duo sometimes only has one barrel per type of wine on their list.

The charming little D’Argenzio tasting room, which resembles Grandma’s Tuscan living room, is found in a little shop cluster in Santa Rosa (new to come: a Pizza place so you can enjoy pizza with your wine).  Through the tiny archway you can see the small cellar with all their barrels aging the precious wine within them.   Then making you way back to the patio you can enjoy a fresh breeze at the long wooden family-sized table with little snacks: charcuterie, cheese, and/or fruit.  After you’ve finished eating and have some energy for an activity, get up and play some bocce on their patio court!

Ray (father) and Breanna (daughter) D’Argenzio are a dynamic duo who do everything in the winery: winemake, bottle, manage tasting room, events, pour, wine club, contact members/customers, etc. Personal and sweet, these two are all accommodating and helpful – no need to sell the wine, because it sells itself.  You can almost see the resemblance of wine to winemakers – easy to get along, charming, tasteful, and relaxed – just like a great personality and a great wine!

dargenzio bocce balls

D’Argenzio hosts bocce league for those who are hooked on the game and have a competitive side.  For those who are more about lounging and would rather “wine down” can join D’Argenzio for their Wine Down Thursdays where they offer local chef cuisine, live music, bocce, and (of course) wine!


1301 Cleveland Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95401


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