It’s different.

It’s new.

It’s time to schedule in wine on your new calendar.

This year, Wine Road is releasing the first ever Wine & Food Affair Calendar for this year’s annual event. Usually, a cookbook is handed out to the event attendees but this year we have gone digital and all the Wine Road cookbooks including this year’s recipes have been uploaded online for an easier way to access and organize all the recipes.

Publishing a book in 3 months seems impossible, but Wine Road did it for 15 years! That is a lot of work – finding all the missing pieces from all of the different recipe authors, editing, taking photography, and publishing.

wfa cookbookThe online cookbook allows everyone to upload their individual recipe and photos.  It is also eco-friendly!

In addition to the online cookbook attendees will be receiving a beautiful calendar filled with local artist paintings of wine and food pairings.  Everyone needs to keep their schedules organized and this calendar will help you do that. Don’t forget to schedule that glass of wine!


And remember, Wine & Food Affair is November 1st & 2nd and you can buy tickets starting September 1st (tickets will sell out) on EventbriteFacebook, Twitter, and our newsletter will be sending out reminders

Posted by Anne Loupy


  1. Hi, just wondering how to access the online recipe book for 2014, assuming it’s available at this time?



    1. The online cookbook will be available next week on our website


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