Our event was hosted at the W Hotel in Seattle, a beautiful location with very helpful staff.  Setting up is always a pain: opening boxes, rifling through supplies, organizing all the products.

We had about 30 press and trade and we are hopeful for some great write-ups! Although 30 people didn’t fill up the room all the way, about an hour later we had almost 200 people floating about the room with their Sonoma County wines!



The thing most people were so enthused about, besides the amazing wine, was how interesting and engaging the winemakers are.  They all have a unique story that creates more of an experience with the wine tasting rather than just taking blatant tasting notes.



The food was delectable: poached salmon, beef sliders, scallops, roasted pork, and a whole cheese plate. Yummm. With the food as ahit and the wines as a homerun, we saw some pretty impressed people strolling around the room.  Jazz was playing, the silent auction was running, and people were buzzing all throughout the night.  $12,000 later (which was donated to Northwest Harvest Food Bank), we had a successful event! But then we had to clean up.



Cleaning, packing, and taking our heels off – we headed to the downstairs bar for a beer!

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