In my younger years I had the crazy idea to run a marathon.  This is a torturous activity of 4+ hours (depending on your skill/endurance level) that releases endorphins that tickle your every sensation and gives you such a sense of accomplishment that you want to go ahead and run another 42K. Crazy.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on another marathon – much less physical and much more indulgent…

Well on my advanced career path, I was asked to accompany our Annual Wine Road Press Tour.  This isn’t for the light-hearted, I was warned – nevertheless, equipped with wide eyes and an eager spirit (much like my marathon endeavor), I set out on my mission: to eat, to drink, to entertain. The three things that define my social life, that I thrive off of as a socialite, something that I pride myself in being able to conquer.


All of our guests were a delight; friendly, engaging, and fun, all 7 were enthused to be guided along the Wine Road and wanted to soak up all the information they could.  I got a kick out of playing tour guide and showing off my lovely hometown.


The first day the group was able to experience the SAVOR Tour lead by Tammy Gass and then dined at Zin.  The next three days were with me and we dedicated each day to a different appellation: Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and Alexander Valley.

Now, it may seem to be an easy job – wining and dining all day on the clock – but it turns out to be an exhausting marathon in which I mistakenly sprinted in the beginning.

The first day was a ton of fun! Dressing in wigs and dining like royalty.  The dinner at Chalkboard was especially exceptional.  Being a little too eager, I even joined a couple of our guests for an after dinner glass of wine.  My enthusiasm was a bit too ambitious and the next day I could feel the effects of wine overindulgence.  Nevertheless, we started at 8:30 am for breakfast and had our first sip of wine at 10 am.


Wednesday was by far the most difficult day, it was like the halfway mark of a marathon where you feel like you are about to fall over and endure the trampling feet of all the other runners.  But once you can power through the halfway mark and make it to three-quarters you are nearly there and catch your second wind.

Thursday I was on my way to victory.  A 10 am start, I was sipping like a champion – ready and eager for the challenge and the sweet sweet feeling of satisfaction when crossing the finish line.

The group of 7 was delightful: Tamara, Tina, Allison, Laiko, Anneli, Kris, and Joe.  I must say that I feel comfortable calling each of them a friend now.  You bond fairly quickly when you are in a bus together everyday from 9am-9pm for 3 days…

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