Just another day working for Wine Road, we rounded up a few beautiful people and shot an exciting 15 second commercial for Wine Tourism Day!


Starting at Sbragia, we were able to capture the serenity of rolling vineyard hills and lovely sunny patios enjoyed by the regular wine country folks.  While we were


taking a shot of us gathered around the table chatting, we were prompted to laugh and cheers.  “We all have to laugh when I say something funny,” was the line I used to induce our natural laughter.


Next, we frolicked in the Ferrari-Carano gardens across bridges, through flowers, and in front of waterfalls.  Although, by this time we were naturals at acting like we were enjoying our day off drinking wine in beautiful sceneries.  We were in and out in minutes and off to Kachina for a rustic backyard vineyard shot.


Tables covered in cheese, bread, and fruit, we faked our enjoyment of eating and sipping Rose. We walked about the vineyards and played with the goats before wrapping up and making our last stop at Quivira.


At Quivira we focused on exploring the rustic gardens full of herbs, kale, fresh flowers, tomatoes, and an abundance of fruit! Like I said, just another day working for Wine Road – but more accurately, just another day in wine country.  There truly is no other place where you can enjoy the products of our agriculture in your backyard, drive down to the beach, drive up to the snow, feel rain, but most of all bask in the beautiful Northern California sunshine (and we are so close to the big city of San Francisco, we just have less traffic up here).


That was just a commercial shoot – you can experience it for real on any given day.  Or, come up for Wine Tourism Day on Saturday May 10th where we celebrate all that we are grateful for up here.  A $30 ticket covers all of your tasting fees at 60 wineries plus a special little something extra like a vineyard tour, souvenir glass, or wine discounts.  You will also receive a discount on transportation from 7 different companies and free corkage from 20 restaurants.

Program: www.wineroad.com

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wine-road-wine-tourism-day-tickets-9122051301

Posted by Anne Loupy

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