Wine Tourism Day started in Bordeaux, France to promote wine sales after harvest.  Every November, French wineries opened their doors and welcomed locals to taste the fruits of their labor.


Traditionally, the wineries didn’t only offer wine tasting but paired the wine with food, conducted wine tours or festivals, and offered education on making wine.  Wine Tourism Day has developed over the years as a celebration of wine and the U.S. has only just adopted the idea.


We love wine, and we have some of the best wine regions (well, eh hem… Sonoma County wine region was voted #1 Wine Destination in the U.S. by Trip Advisor) so it is about time we rejoice about our beloved elixir.


Although there was a debate about whether to host the Annual Wine Tourism Day in May or November, Sonoma County will celebrate in May because it’s the kick-off of our busy summer time, its right when the buds have broken, we don’t have any other events to worry about, and its sunny!


On Saturday, May 10th 2014 Wine Road will present our first Wine Tourism Day.  Now, the rest of the U.S. will be celebrating in November this year, but hey, we are Sonoma County after all and can celebrate wine anytime (I think we may celebrate it unofficially everyday)!


What do you think? Do you like having Wine Tourism Day in May or November?




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