If you are looking for some help planning your itinerary for Winter WINEland, stay tuned for our Itinerary Series.  This is our first.

So you like Cabernet Sauvignon? We have an AVA that is well known for its delicious cabs because of its terroir and the gravelly loam soils straddling the river, Alexander Valley.  Join me on this itinerary through Alexander Valley and taste your cabs. Happy New Year by the way:)

1. I’d suggest to start out at the farthest point, Field Stone Winery. There you can join the the small family winery for their award-winning Cabernet, along with other award-winning varietals, and spectacular views.

2. Driving back towards Healdsburg on the 128 stop by HANNA Winery.  Picture a balcony overlooking a sea of vineyards with a delicious hardy Cabernet Sauvignon in hand. Clink! Cheers to great wine, good company, and wonderful scenery.


3. Neighboring next door? Alexander Valley Vineyards. Known as the big dog in Sonoma county for Cabernet Sauvignon, AVV could fill their modest tasting room full of awards.  Instead, its cozy with a saddle hanging on the wall and friendly staff waiting to full your glass.

4. Now, keep a look out on your left for the turn in for Soda Rock Winery. It may not be so obvious to identify it, but its the only gray and stone built building along the road (Shown in the main picture at the top). With a restored building known for their Bordeaux-style wines, and yes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Soda Rock offers a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere.


5. Just down a ways, you’ll find and want to stop at White Oak Winery. A Southern California looking winery with a beautiful fountain and palm trees framing the tasting room.  It looks like you’ve just pulled up to your dream vacation home, and guess what? It’s plush with wine pouring plentiful.

6. And with your last bit of time you can swing by the neighbors, Stonestreet Winery.  With a stretch of healthy lawn guiding you to the large open glass doors, the patio overlooks Stonestreet’s vineyards. “Untamed. Uncharmed. Uncommon.”  And, yes, well known Cabernet Sauvignon.

Now that your done listening to me, go out and taste! At this year’s Winter WINEland #Wineland2015WW.promo.logo



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